Ever noticed that a baby can cry or scream for hours and never get hoarse?

It’s because they’re using the perfect balance of muscle, air flow and air pressure.

Finding a balanced, free-tone is the foundation of Sarah’s work as a singing teacher. It is the idea that singing should be as easy and comfortable as speaking, with proper vocal chord closure and the larynx remaining in a relaxed position throughout your range, regardless of the vowel consonant combination.

There are actually very few things you can control when it comes to voice production.


1) The amount of air going over your vocal chords
2) The amount of muscle or tension you use
3) The shape of your resonators, such as your mouth and tongue

That’s basically it.  It’s coordination and balance. The amount of air pressure versus muscle tension. In fact, this is the voice you were born with.  Learning to sing is often about getting out of your own way. This is easier said than done.

Sarah will work with you to develop customized exercises that identify your strengths and provide effective tools to correct any bad habits. Once your voice is balanced and unencumbered by unnecessary tension, it becomes a matter of expanding your range and versatility. It’s about creating muscle memory and giving you practical, repeatable tools to find your best voice.

Not your teacher’s voice, not anyone else’s voice. Your unique, uncopiable sound.